​​Over the last 40 years, Quaker City has successfully implemented programs in accordance with national initiatives. In addition to these programs, Quaker City developed a number of programs that serve populations and causes unique to the Philadelphia community.  Click a link below to learn more.

                                                                                    The Quaker City Alumnae chapter's Economic Development committee offers                                                                 financial planning workshops that educate the public about retirement, home                                                                 ownership, credit repair, and investments.

                                                               The Quaker City Alumnae chapter has several committees that implement

                                                               mentoring programs for the youth of Philadelphia. These programs include

                                                               the Toy Library, Delta Academy, and Delta GEMS. In addition to this, our                                                                           scholarship committtee awards scholarships to Philadelphia area. 


                                                              ​The Quaker City Alumnae chapter is committed to raising the Philadelphia

                                                              community's awareness of a number of global issues.  These issues include

                                                              the prevalence and spread of HIV and AIDS, the need for clean water, and

                                                              stopping domestic and international human trafficking. 

​                                                                                  The Quaker City Alumnae chapter Physical and Mental Health committee                                                                          sponsors our signature Annual Health Fair where we discuss wellness issues                                                                important to the community. We encourage community members to join                                                                          us in supporting a number of awareness walks for various illnesses.                                                                                #TeamQuakerCity

                                                              Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has a rich legacy of social action. The first                                                                      public act of the sorority was participation in the march for women's suffrage                                                                  (voting rights) in March 1913 down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.                                                                  The sorority commemorated this act during the celebration of our Centennial                                                                  in 2013. 

The Quaker City Alumnae chapter continues this involvement in the Philadelphia community by conducting voter registration drives and political candidate forums.  Quaker City Alumnae Chapter hosts an annual Delta Day at Philadelphia's City Council, where the chapter invites the public to join them at a City Council meeting, followed by a closed question and answer session with various council members. 

We also attend Delta Days at the Nation's Capital, an annual legislative conference to increase members' involvement in the national public policy-making process. The annual conference includes legislative briefings, issue forums, and advocacy skills development. Featured speakers include key policy makers, members of the United States Congress, Congressional staff members, and national issues experts. ​​